Agricultural Extension Education

Department at Glance

Under this department we offer the courses of Agricultural Extension Education to undergraduate degree programme in the faculties of Agriculture. Department endeavors to make significant contribution in preparing academicians in the field of Agricultural Extension to meet the future demand of the country. Teaching extension education, its methodology in the midst of sociological and psychological aspects with applications is being taught by following the methods of formal education at undergraduate level.

1) Rural Agriculture Works Experience (RAWE) and Agro-Industrial Attachment (AIA):

The Rural Agriculture Works Experience (RAWE) helps the students primarily to understand the rural situations, status of technologies adopted by farmers, prioritize the farmers’ problems and to develop skills and attitude of working with farm families for overall development in rural area.This programme is undertaken by the students during the VII semester for a total duration of 20 weeks with a weightage of 0+20 credit hours in two parts viz., RAWE and AIA. It consists of general orientation and on campus training by different faculties followed by village attachment/unit attachment in University/ College/ KVK or a Research station. The students are attached with the agro-industries to get an experience of the industrial environment and working. The students are required to record their observations in field and agro-industries on daily basis and prepare their project report based on these observations. The students will prepare and present project report.

3) Experiential learning:

The experiential learning programme is offered in the final year. The word ‘experiential’ essentially means that learning and development are achieved through personally determined experience and involvement. The students of eighth semester are placed in different departments (Agronomy, Plant pathology, Agricultural Chemistry and Dairy Technology) during eighth semester. They actively participate in the works carried out in the department and earns during learning.