Prevention of Caste Based Committee

PREVENTION OF CASTE BASED COMMITTEE Following member representatives of this college have been appointed in the Prevention of Caste based Committee on the position mentioned against their name for the academic year 2020-21. The Composition of Prevention of Caste based Committee (PCDC) is as follows:
  1. 1. R.R. Patil                Chairman
  2. 2. Dr .M.Y. Patil        Member Secretary
  3. 3. K.S. Shinde           Member
  4. 4. A. P.Gaikwad        Member
  5. 5. R.P.Shinde            Member
  6. 6. A.N.Mundhe         Student Representative
  7. 7. M.S.Kinake            Student Representative
Process and functioning
  • • A complaint about discrimination or harassment as defined by the regulations may be made in writing by the student /Faculty or staff to the PCDC.
  • • Written complaint should be submitted to either the Chairman or the Secretary of the Prevention of Caste based Discrimination Committee.
  • • The compliant shall include sufficient details of the alleged act of discrimination of harassment.
  • • On receipt of written complaint, the Anti-Discrimination officer shall initiate the follow-up action including preliminary fact- finding enquiry.
  • • Any person aggravated by an order of PCDC may appeal to the Vice- Chancellor