The Institute’s mission encourages students to explore in order to advance knowledge at the highest level. It also expects its students to uphold the highest standards of respect, integrity, and civility. With this context, the Committee on Discipline (COD) is created to resolve complaints of alleged violations of policies and/or community standards by a student, former student, or student organization in a way that is objective and educational, not legalistic or adversarial.

The COD is responsible for resolving complaints against students and student organizations and to decide the appropriate Institute response.  The procedure that the COD uses to hear and respond to such complaints is described in the COD Rules and Regulations.  These procedures are designed to ensure equity and fairness to the complainant and the accused.

Students who engage in academic misconduct or violate the standards of the University in other ways may be brought before the College’s disciplinary committee. The committee is comprised of several faculty members and student representatives. If students are found guilty of misconduct, the disciplinary committee has the right to impose sanctions ranging from probation to suspension or expulsion.


Sr. No. Name of Faculty Member Designation
1 Mr. R. R. Patil Chairman
2 Mr. Y. V. Patil Member
3 Dr. A. S. Mukhekar Member
4 Dr. K. S. Shinde Member
5 Mr. R. P. Shinde Member