Sr. Secondary School

We believe school must provide opportunities for the development of the skills and capacities young people need in order to lead creative, satisfying and productive lives. Our key educational priorities are to ensure that students have an access to curriculum activities which broadens and deepens their experience and values personal effort and excellence. We encourage students to pursue educational objectives during their undergraduate years and follow them up throughout their lives.

Catering to the aspirations of the students and parents after completion of class X, is what has motivated Shantiniketan to extend its wings to the Sr. Secondary school. Here our focus is to empower students as independent learners. Taking into account the need of the time we have also acknowledged the necessity and importance of guidance, training and special inputs for competitive exams.

The school has three wings –
  1. Science
  2. Commerce
  3. Arts

Subjects available are –
  1. Science – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Informatics Practices, Physical Education, English
  2. Commerce – Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Informatics Practices, Physical Education, English.
  3. Arts – Subjects offered: English, History, German, Legal Studies, Economics, Psychology, Mass media, Fashion Studies
Keeping in mind the highly competitive nature of entrance exams, the school offers a unique approach to strengthening subject knowledge, preparation for tests/ assessments as well as career guidance.

Coaching for Different Entrance Exams –
  1. Science – JEE, NEET, JEE (Arch) / NATA/SAT
  2. Commerce – CA, CS, CMA / ICWA/SAT
  3. Arts – CSAT

Rapid Test (RT):
  1. Helps to focus on writing precise answer to a question.
  2. Helps to analyze a studentís daily preparation/study.
  3. Strengthens concepts.

  1. Continuous learning.
  2. Solving JEE/NEET 40 questions per day (10 questions per subject).
  3. Keeps learners engaged.
  4. Daily revision of all subjects.

Weekly Test and Monthly Test:
  1. To identify student strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Instant grading and feedback.
  3. To track and measure performance.

Career Guidance : Shantiniketan has a well experienced faculty who guide the students of classes XI & XII to opt for careers of their choice. They are encouraged to apply in colleges which offer the best courses, so they can excel in their desired fields. The students are prepared to be successful in different common entrance tests. We also have guest lecturers to inspire students for various courses.

Coaching for entrance exams –
  1. Aims at introducing the students to a number of competitive exams, their nature & basic elements.
  2. Aims at introducing the students to the curriculum.
  3. Create awareness about various competitive exams in Maharashtra and India.
  4. Guiding undergraduate students.

Field trips: Provides the opportunity for students to encounter and explore new experiences and increase interest and engagements in science and commerce.

Guest lecturers: These lectures seek to improve first-hand knowledge and exposure about different careers.