Pre – Primary

Little Angel preschool is a “home away from home”. Here child safety, be it physical or emotional is our top priority. Right from getting in the bus to returning back home the child experiences the tender care and love of well trained teachers who employ methods that promote self discipline and self reliance.

We believe that every child is unique and gifted. In this early stage we provide them with an educational programme which caters to all types of learners. Here the emphasis is on ‘Discover And Learn’ with highly interactive teaching methodology i.e. learning by doing. The curriculum has been designed for overall development of the child taking into account their cognitive, physical, social, emotional and sensorial abilities. To nurture and develop our little angels we provide them with a secure and homely environment and hence the school has provided them with their own new pre primary building.

Classrooms – Well lit up spacious classrooms with own set of smart boards, reading corner and toy corner. We have 1:15 faculty-student ratio, this ensures each students gets personalized attention from the faculty members.

English Lab – Here the kids get the first hand experience of reading. They develop words and spellings which guide them to conquer the art of reading and enhance their fluency in English.

Competition: – we at LITTLE ANGEL always provide our children a platform to express themselves boldly,to develop the competitive spirit and help them to overcome their stage fright by organising various competitions each year.

Edu Sports: Healthy mind resides in healthy body. So to enhance their fitness and gross motor skills we have started a new segment of sports and fitness programme for our little ones

Sanskars – Little Angel preschool provides a special ‘Shloka’ session for kids which has created a miraculous impact on them. Chanting Shlokas have improved their pronunciation and helped them to strengthen their memory.

Field Trip: “seeing is believing ” so as a part of experiential learning we take our children on field trips to various places to actually get the first hand information about different concepts.

German Class – This special class is provided to the children to help them expand their horizons by learning a foreign language.

Hygiene – Washroom has been designing considering our little angels. Children are also taught basic hygiene such as washing hands before and after eating.

Swimming – One of the best sport which has dual benefit that is it serves as a mode of exercise and life saving skill. Well trained coaches and life guards provide the best training to our kids.

Circle Time: This is a quality time, which the educator spends with the child. Here the child is encouraged to put forth their views. This helps them to open up and share their ideas.

Workshop for Parents: We have come up with a new concept of Mother’s Workshop where teachers conduct a workshop for the parents to enable them to know the agenda in the school for next two months and help their child learn accordingly.  This helps the educators and parents to come closer. Children benefit when adults around them, share common values about child rearing, communicate with one another and give the child consistent support and guidance.