Mid Semester Examination Discipline Committee- 2020-21

Following faculty members of this college have been appointed on the position mentioned against their name for the academic year 2020-21.
Sr. No. Name of Faculty Member Designation
1 Mr. R. R. Patil Chairman
2 Mr. Y. V. Patil Member
3 Dr. A. S. Mukhekar Member
4 Dr. K. S. Shinde Member
5 Mr. R. P. Shinde Member
Discipline committee members shall monitor following points during MID Semester Examination
  1. 1. Dress code & I-cards of students
  2. 2. Hall ticket of students.
  3. 3. Appointments of Jr. Supervisor for MID Semester Examination
  4. 4. Arrangements of Blocks for MID Semester Examination
  5. 5. Responsibility of preventing the dealings with the case of preparation, attempt, abetment & use of unfair means in MID Semester Examination
  6. 6. If any student using unfair means in MID Semester Examination shall be seized all the incriminating material along with the Answer book from the students asking him to solve the remaining questions within rest of examination period.
  7. 7. The member shall report on same day with records(including both the answers books) and evidence in support regarding use of unfair means by a student in MID Semester Examination.