Guest Lecture on Commercial Tomato Cultivation

On February 04, 2022 (Friday), under the Experiential Learning Module (ELM) Program Dr. D. Y. Patil Agricultural College, Talsande (Dist. Kolhapur) organized a Guest Lecture on ‘Commercial Tomato Cultivation’.

Mr. Prakash Kadam (Vegetable Production Expert; Director, Praviram Group, Kameri) gave in-depth guidance with examples on the importance of soil cultivation, quality of planting material, efficient nutrient-water management, integrated crop protection measures and effective labour management; by emphasizing the five elements of tomato production. Chairperson of the program, Principal Prof. D. N. Shelar appealed to students who failed in the competitive examinations and higher education admissions, to look at vegetable farming as a better career.

On this occasion, Prof. R. R. Patil (Education In-charge), Dr. M. G. Lagare (Program Coordinator), Dr. V. B. Shinde (Module In-charge) and final year students of B.Sc. Agriculture degree program were present.The program was anchored by Dr.. N. R. Kadge (Assistant Professor of Horticulture), while the student Mr. Tanay Kamat thanked the audience.